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penny stocks going upokay, before you will notice that a good portion of them also have listings over on the Frankfurt exchange (Secondary listings) if you actually do your homework on some of these companies, especially the ones mentioned on the website I've talked about. There's a reason that is good this! Over in Germany, you can find less laws in regards to the SEC, therefore which makes it a great deal easier to promote a companies stock. I am not referring to classic pump and dump schemes here, I'm speaking about properly marketing a organizations stock if the business is legitimately looking for fresh brand new shareholders, and want a wider audience to see their business. Like anywhere else, you need to know, and work with the people that are proper. The Frankfurt is not any exclusion to the rule. Otherwise, you're prone to having your company spend a lot out on promotion and acquire nothing in exchange. This takes place on a regular basis. The Frankfurt trade is run nearly the same as the AMEX. Professional driver, rather than dealer motorist. And the AMEX may be the one biggest stone that is stepping the NYSE. Let's look at how the Frankfurt works in regards to U.S. organizations that duel list over there.

First, I am going to dismiss one myth. Must be ongoing company is listed over here doesn't invariably mean that it's going to show volume in the Deutsch-Borse....
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Netegrity stocks

The business began trading at $2.18 and it is now trading at $78. This represents a rise of approximately 3487per cent throughout the trading period. Its apparent that a few other stocks would not go this much in the grid. This business has shown a remarkable enhancement on the trading market.

Visionics stocks

The organization started trade at $4.38 and has climbed as much as $21. This represents an improvement of about 379per cent. The remarkable growth represents the changes that occur when dealing on penny stocks that have a significant change in rates.

Cellstar stocks

The stocks started trading at $1.44 and therefore are now trading at $13.50. It is an enhance of 837%. This results in the list of penny stocks that are making improvements that are significant the time they have been exchanging.

Iomega stocks

This stock started exchanging at $3.25 and it has enhanced to trade at $13.90. It represents an improvement of approximately 328 percent. It is a improvement that is significant can discard any doubt that anybody may be having on investing in penny stocks.

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