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I am probably in-the sam-e situation as numerous others looking to make a reasonable income by working at home. I've been trying most of the programs, I could afford, reading the Guru articles, following directions of numerous programs with ideas on how you can make on the net with hardly any success.

I would want to first provide a short description of myself, family and desperate finances. I retired from the large connection business 8-years ago with the dream and hope of living a comfortable retirement. I are now living in a beautiful place in Michigans Upper Peninsula with little traffic (other than tourists), beautiful and scenic views of nature (the beautiful woods, scenic Lake Superior, fall shades, winters beauty, and plenty of wild game), the very best people in the world (the type of people America was constructed on) and a beautiful house. I have a great and loving wife who works in the local school. I have 2 daughters living and looking to make a living in 2 large urban centers. I was able to get them both thru university, 1 with a masters degree and just recently married and another with a degree which I hope will lead to success in their lives. I've 2 loving Golden Retrievers who are my daily companions. I-t sure is a fantastic picture of what retirement ought to be.

Now to my desperate situation! My income because of inflation (it really is there) began shrinking about 5 years after my retirement. Like many of you we just kept living the same lifestyle that we had become accustomed to. Then the expenses actually improved, college costs soared, fuel prices soared, food prices soared, wedding expenses, 2 graduations, an extremely ill mother in-law 1000 miles away and a great many other unexpected or in the pipeline expenses. My first answer was to take money from my retirement and spend the off the costs, I prefer to owe no one. This bought me several years but charges just kept rising just kept rising. Alternative, set charges on credit cards. Asana Ftp contains further about where to think over this thing. We kept getting by but started changing our life style. I was finally forced to produce the choice that I'd to go back to work. Visit asana ftp discussions to research the inner workings of this thing. Now the problem, the region we live in has among the highest unemployment figures in-the state, good paying jobs are very difficult to get and I'm 60 years old. What do I do? Head to work with Wal-mart, McDonalds at a minimum paying work or try I find something different. These jobs dont also include the costs of working. Where fortunes are made daily no this is not the way to go, Ill start my own business on the net. Having a great deal of time and getting anxious I jumped in with both feet. I made a few pounds in many months worth of work although not a livable income. What next? Well I decided I must be doing something very wrong so I'd better search for support. I started signing up for the Gurus tremendous just how to programs with little to no success. Next creative writing traduction I started joining a few of the programs on the internet promising to show you making money on the internet. What a mistake, all I found is a good way to send people a lot of money. In my opinion the Gurus never give you the full truth and the wonderful business opportunities only want to keep using your money. Now I would like to say I did get acquainted with 2 wonderful people who do want to help people. 1. Is Ray DeGrendel of founding father of OSI, a business that really does wish to help the average person start a Home Based Business at an inexpensive but it is a very slow process. If serious you will get more information at my-website 2. Is Jason Williamson, a person who moved out-of his way to try and assist me with getting going on the web but he to is merely beginning the learning curve, you will get more info about Jason and the program hes involved in at Both these people are worth knowing!

I am now at the idea I can't meet my monthly expenses and seeing my life fall before me. I am sick and tired of seeing, I was in foreclosure and couldnt meet my payments until I did this. Join now it only costs 100s and also 1000s of dollars to join and then all they need you to do is save money on marketing, autoresponders, mailers, an such like. A lot of them you cant even find out how to get hold of. My question is how did they come-up with this particular kind of money when they'd nothing. If you know anything at all, you will likely want to research about ftp asana. I'm now at the point where I think they're all cons. Navigating To asana ftp talk maybe provides cautions you might give to your mom. I feel just like I am beating my head against a solid wall.

If anybody out there knows of a way to really make a living on the web with effort and no money, I'd like to hear from you. I am anxious but willing an able to work with a course that allows you to earn your solution to living. I am not trying to find any, work 2 hours every day and make thousands programs. I need a program that's pay-as you go and you do receive payments from your efforts. I now spend 12-14 hours every day on the web. You are able to e-mail me at

You can travel to my homemade site at to see my 2 Golden Retrievers and see some great HEALTH PRODUCTS.

I'll revise this post with any information I receive and I certainly want most of you in this condition the top of luck. I understand there are thousands.



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