Minutes of Meeting

The 4th Transnational meeting – North Herts College, Stevenage. UK - (Download minutes)

The 4th Transnational meeting was organised by the UK partners from North Hertfordshire College. The venue for the meeting was at the Goldsmith Centre for Business, Letchworth Garden City which is the The Business Centre for Nr Hertfordshire College.


  • Denmark -  Anny Hansen, Lone Steimle & Learners: Boye Haastrup & Jonas Bo Beck
  • Greece - Domna Tsakiridou,  Pavlos Kokkinakis and Vivi Vassala
  • Ireland - Geraldine Gibbons & Alison Ward
  • Romania - Lidia Andronache & Liliana Rujanu 
  • Spain - Juan Francisco Rodríguez Báez, & Learners: Inés Pugabenitez & Maria Cabrera Lopez 
  • UK - Marianne Green, Keith Turner, Allan Tyrer, Karen King, Molly Ayre and Louise Machin  & Learners:  Tracy Pez and Heather Summers

LM welcomed delegates to the College and provided them with information about the centre.   Participants were officially welcomed by the Executive Director of Finance & Commercial - Allan Tyrer who provided an overview of Letchworth Garden City and the College along with an outline of the Gazelle programme.  Keith Turner was also present during this session.  MG then welcomed all partners and learners to the meeting and provided a summary of the planned schedule for the two day meeting.  PK reminded all present of the objectives of the meeting which were to:

  • Review activities since the last meeting
  • Review and discuss the draft Worksheets
  • Review the planned activities to complete the project and set future activities and deadlines for the next meeting in Iasi, Romania
  • Continue to build relationships with partners and enjoy cultural activities together


All partners presented a brief account of activities since the last meeting in Spain and the main focus was on the development of worksheets.  Danish learners Jonas Bo Beck and Boye Haastrup, actively participated in the meeting and provided interesting feedback on the value of the worksheets when used with their children. 

The following worksheets were developed and presented by each partner:

  • Naturalistic – Spain
  • Logical/Mathematics – Romania
  • Intrapersonal – Ireland
  • Interpersonal  & Spatial – UK
  • Linguistic & Kinesthetic – Denmark
  • Musical - Greece

A cultural activity was organised for the afternoon of the 29th November and this consisted of a visit to Cambridge with a guided tour of the city and its universities and cultural sites.

Friday 30th November 2012

A presentation was given by Karen King (Director of Enterprise & Employability) on the Children’s University and how it could support the testing and sustainability of the outcomes from the project in the UK.

LR presented a film showing testing of the first 3 Logical Mathematical worksheets in Romania. The testing took place in Iasi, Romania in a seminar organised by the Romanian partners for both parents and students. The received feedback from the parents was very encouraging.

Parents from the North Hertfordshire College, provided feedback on the 2 worksheets developed by the UK (Spatial and Interpersonal Intelligence), working together with their children.  This feedback was very well received by all partners and were thanked for the constructive input and the evaluation of the worksheets.

The participants were divided into 2 groups to discuss, review and standardise the draft worksheets.

The coordinator provided a template with criteria (based on SMART criteria) to assist in this work:

  • DK, GR & RO reviewed and standardised worksheets developed by IE, ES & the UK
  • IE, ES & UK reviewed and standardised worksheets developed by DK, GR & RO

Brief verbal feedback was provided by both groups and it was agreed that MG would collate and distribute the groups’ feedback via email to all partners for actioning.  Deadline 11th  Dec 2012. - Action:  MG                          (DOWNLOAD) Feedback for ALL Worksheets

Agreed dates, deadlines and actions from the meeting:

1  Next, 5th transnational meeting in Iasi, Romania:

  • 5th Transnational Meeting – 25th & 26th April 2013  in IASI,  Romania
  • All partners to confirm with Romanian Partners their planned attendees for the  Romania Meeting ASAP - Action:  All Partners
  • Liliana Rujanu (LR) to forward information on travel, transfers from airports, hotel accommodation, agenda for 2 days and location of meeting.  - Action:  LR

2  Final, 6th and Final meeting in Køge, Denmark:

  • 6th Transnational Meeting – 20th & 21th June 2013  (Provisional AH to confirm) - Action:  AH


  • All partners to review partners’ feedback and complete revision of worksheets by mid January 2013.
  • Reviewed worksheets to be uploaded to GoogleDrive by all partners by end of January 2013
  • Partners to organise a seminar in each country to present all worksheets to parents
  • Partners to pilot all worksheets in each country prior to the meeting in Romania.  All completed by 25th April 2013 
  • Following testing, all worksheets to be presented in English for final editing and proofing by the UK team.  
    All above Actions:  All Partners
  • Once standardised, proofed and edited by the UK team.  MG will forward to the Irish team for further proofing and quality assurance.
    Action:  UK & IE Teams - date to be confirmed

At the closing of the meeting:

  • Evaluation of the meeting forms  handed out to all participants, completed and collected by the coordinator. 
  • MG presented all delegates with Certificates of Attendance. 

The meeting closed at 5.30 pm on 30th December 2012                                                                                                


Photos of partners at our 4th Transnational meeting in the UK:-

Partners from Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Spain & Romania

Danish Students providing feedback to partners.


Group Work

Cultural Visit to Cambridge