Minutes of meeting

The 5th Transnational meeting – Casa Corpului Didactic,, Spiru Haret'' Iasi, Romania - (Download minutes)

The 5th Transnational meeting was organised by the Romanian partners. The venue for the meeting was the Teacher Training school.


  • Denmark - Anny Hansen (AH) & Parents: Boye Haastrup & Jonas Bo Beck
  • Greece -   Pavlos Kokkinakis (PK) and Vivi Vassala (VV)
  • Ireland - John McLoughlin (JMcL) & Anne Jennings (AJ)
  • Romania - Director: Simona Elena Vranceanu, Lidia Andronache (LA), Liliana Rujanu (LR) and Colleagues from TTC
  • Spain - Juan Francisco Rodríguez Báez (JFR) & Inés Pugabenitez (IP)
  • UK -  Marianne Green (MG), Keith Turner (KT) & Parents: Georgina Orton (GO), Shauna Miller (SM) & Tracy Pez (TP)

Thursday 25 April 2013

The Director: Simona Elena Vranceanu officially welcomed everyone and gave a tour of the organisation.  LR then welcomed everyone and provided a summary of the planned schedule for the two days.  LR provided a brief summary of activities since the last meeting and informed us that we would meet children, parents and teachers on 26th April.  PK then addressed all partners and reminded all present of the objectives of the meeting.

Presentations:  Partners from each country presented a brief account of activities since the last meeting in the UK and the main focus was on the piloting of the worksheets.  

UK – Marianne Green & Georgina Orton - Key Points:
  • 31 Worksheets tested and evaluated by parents
  • 66 Activities tested and evaluated:   6-9 yrs ..... 34 tested:  10-12 yrs ...... 20 tested:  13-16 yrs ...... 12 tested
  • MG provided feedback following the review of the worksheets in order to standardise grammar, layout and make recommendations for images used of children.  
  • GO provided feedback about the parents seminar attended at Nr Herts.

Ireland – Ann Jennings - Key Points:
  • Overview of GTi organisation 
  • Raised awareness of MI project by email and web site
  • 65 staff invited to seminar -  3 groups identified
  • Meeting organised with parents, distributed material to various age groups. 
  • Collected and analysed data: 
    • Only women parents participated and completed worksheets 
    • 12 learners involved - 4 learners from each age group.
    • 6-9 yrs: high level of motivation for linguistic and interpersonal.
    • 10-12 yrs - high level of motivation for mathematics, linguistic and musical
    • 13 – 16 yrs high level of motivation for mathematics, bodily, interpersonal and intrapersonal
    • Parents found work clear,  amusing, substantial and time consuming
    • 12 parents agreed that their children had an improved awareness and that 10 out of 12 felt it improved relationship with children and all believed that it contributed their understanding of MI

Denmark - Anny Hansen - Key Points:

  • Collated and colour coded all worksheets
  • Produced a booklet combining all worksheets (8 intelligences) for learners 
  • Used with learners in English class (did not translate to Danish)
  • Discussed and evaluated all activities
  • Parents tested and provided feedback  
  • Parents had concerns about the layout of the evaluation form and found it difficult to provide feedback for each activity

Spain: Juan Francisco Rodríguez Báez - Key Points:

  • Several meetings held with learners and verbal explanation of MI and Gardner provided to stimulate interest  
  • 13 – 16  yrs  interested in activities that were easier to complete if the whole family participated
  • Musical Intelligence worksheets liked by all
  • Learners enjoyed activities that were funny and amusing to complete were enjoyed by all – eg using the Wii.  
  • Found some activities too guided, children wanted more attractive materials
  • Mobile phone activities and Internet, not paper based worksheets.

Feedback from Parents:

  • Jonas Bo Beck - completed Naturalistic and Logical/Mathematics Intelligence worksheets for 6 – 9 yrs – found these two comfortable to use from his background knowledge and children enjoyed all activities
  • Boye Haastrup - completed Naturalistic Intelligence worksheets for 10 - 12 yrs - completed the same activities several time and found this to be beneficial for his children.


  • Tracey Pez - piloted Intrapersonal, Body, Linguistic, Mathematics, Musical and Spatial Worksheets with 2 daughters aged 8 and 10 yrs.
    • Used Intrapersonal, Bodily, Linguistic, Mathematics and Musical Worksheets with 8 yr old.  
      • Provided extensive feedback to partners and particularly valued the following activities:
      • Letters with body parts and word search, Ordering jars and monopoly, All intrapersonal activities
    • Struggled with the music intelligence due to lack of music knowledge and recommended we provide links for parents.
    • Completed Intrapersonal, Bodily, Linguistic, Mathematics and Spatial Worksheets with 10 yr old and found these activities particularly beneficial:
      • online calendar, virtual pets, videoing, using Wii, broken calculator and developing a painting by number activity for younger sister
  • Shauna Miller - piloted Interpersonal and Spatial Worksheets with her 6 yr old and Interpersonal with 15 yr old
    • Found the following activities valuable with her 6 yr old
      • Exploring feeling using photo album, facial expressions, family discussions, growing plants, (surprise answer – can’t hug a plant)
      • Picture smart – treasure-  hunt – furry – fun activity – relationship building
    • Interpersonal Sheet with 15 yr old:  
      • Role play – top gun very self conscious doing this activity
      • Old people – stories – activity helped relate to different age groups
    • Overall – both children found the worksheets enjoyable and very good and liked all fun activities
  • Georgina Orton piloted Interpersonal, Bodily, Linguistic, Musical, Mathematics, Spatial and Intrapersonal Worksheets with her 2 sons aged 9 yrs and 13 yrs 
    • She provided extensive feedback and found the following activities particularly valuable for 9 yr old: scrabble online, selecting instruments, collecting items to fit in a small box, dancing, planting and hatching chicks (care and growth)
    • The 13 yr old enjoyed developing his Intrapersonal intelligence through leadership activities with training activities and supporting his younger brother.  He found some activities too easy and fed back that the activities should be directed to teenagers rather than the parent and more technology activities included eg Blog instead of Calendar
    • Overall feedback - built closer relation with older son and fun with younger son

Pavlos Kokkinakis - coordinator 
  • Greek partners will test all worksheets during the next 7 weeks before final meeting
  • PK distributed a pictorial handout for consideration as part of the introduction to the Multiple Intelligence Product
  • Content for the Introduction section discussed
  • All partners provided recommendations for editing final worksheets on flip charts.  MG collated and emailed to all partners 
  • PK thanked learners and partners for all feedback 
  • Evaluation and results and 1st year project discussed
  • Overall Framework for the Project evaluation discussed and it was recommended that we include: survey, objectives, design of original material, implementation of worksheets, transnational cooperation meetings and the SWAT analysis which will be completed at the Danish meeting in June 
  • Agreed that all partners will produce a Booklet for parents for final project product


  • AH suggested that the Danish Marketing team would produce a generic front cover for the booklet and AH to distribute to all partners
  • All partners to forward to MG amended (Highlight changes) worksheets before/by 10th May
  • MG to review, edit if necessary and forward to JMcL for final quality proofing by 13th May
  • JMcL to upload, zip and email quality approved versions to all partners by 17th May 2013
  • All partners to produce final product for their country

Friday 26th April 2013

Cultural Activities:
  • Visit to Pascani for Practical Application Parents and Children at College ,,Nicolae Iorga’’ Pascani.  
  • Partners participated with children and parents in Linguistic, Spatial and Musical Intelligence activities and listened to a performance by the school orchestra
  • Visit to The Vanatori Natural Park, Neamţ, to participate in Naturalistic Intelligence activities and to watch a video about the reintroduction of European Bisons into the Carpathian Mountains.
  • Visit to Neamţ, 15th Century Monastery

Final project meeting 20th and 21st June in Køge, Denmark. 

All partners to confirm accommodation requirements with AH.




5th Transnational Meeting - TTC Iași


 Keith, Georgina and Coordinator Pavlos  

UK Team in Iași  

UK - Parents providing feedback to partners
(Georgina, Shauna & Tracy)

Danish - Parents providing feedback to partners
(Boye & Jonas)

Cultural Activities - visit to "Nicolae IORGA" School, Paşcani 

All Partners at "Nicolae IORGA" School 

Nicolae IORGA" School Orchestra

The Palace of Culture - Palatul Culturii

Bison at The Vanatori Natural ParkNeamţ, 

Neamţ, 15th Century Monastery