Minutes of Meeting

The 1st Transnational meeting – Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece

The kick off meeting was held at the project coordinator’s establishment in Greece between 25th and 28th November at CENTRE OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND LIFELONG LEARNING.


  • Denmark – Mona Engberg and Anny Willemoes
  • Greece - Pavlos Kokkinakis, Vivi  Vassala and Despoina Andreadou
  • Ireland - Jim Brick
  • Romania - Liliana Rujanu and Lidia Andronache
  • Spain - Juan Francisco Rodriguez Baez and Ines Puga Benitez
  • UK - Keith Turner and Marianne Green

The agenda of the first project meeting included:

  • A presentation of each partner’s institution and the expertise relevant to the subject of the project
  • A round table organised by the project coordinator with a representative from Kefalonia Municipality - Mr  Andreas Zapadis who emphasised the importance of this project for their community and the value of dissemination of the results. 
  • Agreement by all project partners of the proposed plan submitted by North Herts College
  • Commitment  by each partner of proposed responsibilities.


The project meeting ended with the following agreed actions:

  • To develop a GoogleDocs area in which all partners would present and exchange documents and ideas (Ireland partner to action)
  • Each partner to research relevant literature for the survey, questionnaires on MI.  Findings to be shared using GoogleDocs
  • All materials, bibliographies, web links, proposals etc from each partner will be sent to the Project coordinator by 20/12/2011.
  • The Greek team to develop the survey questions from contributions from each partner.
  • All partners to repurpose survey to meet their roll out needs for completion.  SurveyMonkey recommended.
  • Pilot survey to be ready by 7/2/2012
  • Results to be analysed by each partner and shared via GoogleDocs by 11/3/2012.

Next meeting to be held in Galway, Ireland on 19-20 April 2012.


Keith Turner - UK Team Member

Andreas Zapadis - Kefalonia Municipality

Project Team

Marianne & Keith - UK Team Members

Link to Minutes of the Meeting - Download