Minutes of Meeting

The 3rd Transnational meeting – Gran Canaria, Spain

The 3rd Transnational meeting was organised by the Spanish partners from the Asociación La Tierra Verde, between 27th and 29th June 2012

The venue for the meeting was at the Hotel Igramar Canteras, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


  • Denmark –  Anny Hansen
  • Greece - Domna Tsakiridou and Vivi Vassala
  • Ireland - Geraldine Gibbons, Emmanuelle Regan and Alison Ward
  • Romania - Lidia Andronache and Liliana Rujanu 
  • Spain - Juan Francisco Rodríguez Báez & Colleagues
  • UK -  Marianne Green & Molly Ayre (apologies received from Keith Turner)

All participants were welcomed by the host Juan Francisco Rodríguez Báez and by Vivi Vassala who reminded all present of the objectives of the meeting:

  • Presentations of MI worksheets and activities by all partners
  • Evaluation of 1st year of the project
  • Review planned activities
  • Relationships building with project team


All partners presented their developed worksheets and an account of activities for the first year.·        

  • UK -  Presented 2 worksheets:  One for spatial intelligence and one incorporating all intelligences for consideration
  • Spain - Presented a worksheet for Naturalistic intelligence incorporating difference activities to encourage use of other MIs
  • Romania - Presented a worksheet for logical /mathematical intelligence
  • Denmark - Presented 3 worksheets:  Interpersonal Intelligence, Bodily/Kinesthetic and Linguistic Intelligence
  • Ireland -  Presented a worksheet for Intrapersonal Intelligence 
  • Greece - Presented  ideas of common didactic techniques for worksheets and a Musical intelligence worksheet

Presentation of websites:


       Intelligences worksheet to be produced by:

  • Naturalistic – Spain
  • Maths – Romania
  • Intrapersonal – Ireland
  • Interpersonal  & Spatial – UK
  • Linguistic & Kinesthetic – Denmark
  • Musical - Greece

Use a common criteria for all worksheet:

  • Include age bracket of children: 6 – 16 yrs
  • Produce 3 topics for each intelligence eg produce 3 worksheets with different topics but for the same intelligence eg Music Intelligence - instruments, listening, playing
  • Provide 3 activities plus one technology based activity for each topic ie provide 4 activities for each of the topics
  • Prepare the same worksheet for several subgroups: (ie 1 for 6-9; 1 for 10-12 & 1 for 13-16 yrs) plus one activity using technology (with an alternative if no access to technology - develop 1 activity based on new technologies (internet, computer, mobile phone) see eg Glogster http://www.schooltube.com/video/746a92b6c5d6442a9e97/Glogster-Tutorial   
  • Include a proposal for parents: Put in practice the activities oriented for other age bracket with your children. 

      Activities in each worksheet should be:

  • Simple & dynamic
  • Easy to explain
  • Easy to implement
  • Attractively designed
  • Time defined (30 minutes to 1hr)  to help parent.
  • Resources :
    • The less, the better
    • Take pictures and videos during the process.
  • Each worksheet should:
    • Be no more than 2 pages
    • Include copyright free graphics & pictures
    • Be colour coded for each intelligence
    • Be developed using the standard template.

Deadline dates

  • 15th October -  Submission to co-ordinator and uploaded to GoogleDocs for evaluation by all partners
  • 31st October – 7th Nov -  discussion and comments on individual worksheets completed.


  • The 12 activities of 3 worksheets to be evaluated on completion

  • Suggestions for the evaluation form for parents: (Greek partner to work on these to finalise)

On completion of a worksheet - Measure how useful it was:
 1 (less useful) to 4 (more useful).

         Age of children....................                                                      Gender...........................              


Activity .....................................................

1 (less)



4 (most)

Did this activity improve your relationship with your children?

Did your child learn new skills /knowledge about this intelligence?

Did you learn new skills/knowledge about this intelligence?

Did you learn new skills/knowledge about other intelligences?

Overall comments

Next meeting in UK:

  • 4th Transnational Meeting – provisionally 29th & 30th November – MG to confirm ASAP
  • Nearest airport – London Luton
  • Confirm with MG attendees and learners at UK Meeting
  • MG to forward information on transfers from airports, hotel accommodation, agenda for 2 days and location of meeting



Marianne & Molly presenting 1st year Project activities and MI Worksheets developed in collaboration with parents

Visit to Radio ECCA

Group Photo at Radio Ecca

Radio ECCA is a private, non-profit, educational institution offering distance education to adults. It was founded in the Canary Islands in 1965 developing an original concept which turned out to be a novel and exemplary method for a radio school. ECCA goal was to raise the educational level of adults and overcome illiteracy in the islands and therefore, at the beginning, the target group was poor and socially disadvantaged people. Thousands of men and women learnt to read and write and felt encouraged to go on with more complex studies, such as, foreign languages, accounts, etc. Since then, 2.5 millions of people have been educated in various subjects and levels, in Canary Islands, Spanish mainland and Africa.

During our visit to ECCA headquarters, we assisted with a simulated recording of a class and visited several departments (layout, printing, etc). After this we participated in a live interview with one representative from each orgnisation in MI&PE project.

Listen to the live Radio broadcast on ECCA radio promoting project and Nr Herts College