Minutes of Meeting

The Final Transnational meeting – Køge, Denmark (Download Minutes)

The 6th Transnational meeting was organised and hosted by the Danish partners. The venue for the meeting was Køge Business College.


  • Denmark - Mona Engberg (ME), Anny Hansen (AH), Lone Steimle & Parent: Jonas Bo Beck
  • Greece - Despoina Andreadou (DA), Pavlos Kokkinakis (PK) & Vivi Vassala (VV)
  • Ireland - Jim Brick, Geraldine Gibbons, Anne Jennings (AJ), Alison Ward & John McLoughlin
  • Romania - Lidia Andronache (LA), Liliana Avarvarei (LAi) & Anca Dimitriu &  Liliana Rujanu (LR)
  • Spain - Juan Francisco Rodríguez Báez (JFR) & ParentsBrigida Ortega, Miriam Carolina Ortega Perez &  Manuel Angel Pereda Vina (MAPV)
  • UK -  Marianne Green (MG)  & Parents: Georgina Orton (GO) & Shauna Miller (SM)

Thursday 20 June 2013

Partners were welcomed by the Danish Coordinator, Mona Engberg and then by The Head of Department, Hans Severinsen who gave an overview of Køge Business College and the Danish Education system.  Anny Hansen outlined the schedule for the 2 day meeting.

The Greek project coordinator PK gave a summary of the activities for this final project meeting.


 Partners from each country presented a brief account of activities since the last meeting in the Romania and the main focus was on the piloting of the worksheets.  

  • Denmark - AH - presented activities and developments since last meeting
  • UK - MG - presented developments since last meeting including the final revision of all worksheets following submission by partners.           
    • SM explained how she integrated multiple intelligence into her recent PGCE assignment
    • GO spoke about the advantages of networking with partners and parents and the potential outcomes from this project.
  • Ireland - AJ - presented activities which included quality assuring edited worksheets
  • Romania - LAi - presented training and development activities since last meeting and explained how MI was introduced into her teaching qualification.
  • Spain - JFR - proposed ways of using the educational material, posters, audio recordings and videos to promote the MIs and the outcomes of the project.  JFR has created a bibliography for the project which will be forwarded to all partners.
    • MAPV explained how he used the Naturalistic worksheets with children to introduce other MIs in to the teaching of literacy, mathematics and science etc. Focusing on alternative intelligences was viewed as good practice.
  • Greece - PK - Provided an overview of work with a group of mothers carrying out activities using the MI worksheets. They gave very positive feedback and 15 mothers will continue to work with the MI activities over the summer

Group Work:

  • A SWOT Analysis was undertaken by all participants in 3 cross country groups to evaluate the overall project and its outcomes.
  • SWOT results were discussed, unpacked and summarised. (Summary)

Tour of Køge Business College:

AH - took the team on a tour of Køge Business College including the new build and state of the art facilities.  The tour also included a visit to Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, where the Head of Department, Ole Kolling, provided a summary of the campus and Higher Education programmes offered. An official photo was taken of the Project team.

Final Report Summary: 

MG provided a brief overview of the requirements for the final report including sections to be completed together and individually for each organisation.  


  • Include LLP and/or Grundtvig logo on any hard copy or electronic products
  • Maximum file size for uploading to the EST Database is 5mbs
  • Maximum size for uploading images on EST Database is 300 x 300 px for height and width
  • 15th July - All partners to send to PK their contribution to enable completion of Section A of the final report along with all resources and tangible outcomes
  • 1st September - PK to forward to all lead partners Section A for inclusion in each country report
  • 30th September - deadline for completion of the Report and EST Database and for the submission of the signed paper copy to National Agencies.

Future Plans & Sustainability of the project:

  • Discussion included:
    • the possibility of Student exchanges between the UK and Denmark
    • a new project for youth in action exchange and workshops at La Tierra Verde, Gran Canaria - JuanFra to complete a proposal and discuss further with all partners (Info from Juan Fra)
    • the introduction of the MI Educational material as a tool for  teacher trainers and CPD in partner organisations 
    • the opportunities of creating Mobile Apps from the MI activities in the future as a possible project with learners
    • produce a case study for local national agency web sites to promote the project in each country
    • ME suggested applying for Leonardo Da Vinci funding for Parents Education in Teacher Training

The project coordinator Pavlos Kokkinakis thanked everyone for all their contributions to the project over the 2 years.

Anny Hansen - closed the meeting and presented all partners/parents with certificates.  

Article in local newspaper submitted by Koege Marketing team 

Friday 21 June 2013

Cultural Activities - Sightseeing tour of:  

  • Vallø Castle
  • Copenhagen
    • Guided Tour of the Town Hall by Stig Ekman - member of Copenhagen City Council (Socialdemocrats)
    • Canal Tour
    • Amalienborg - Queen's Castle


Anny Hansen - Welcoming all partners to Køge Business College 

Group Work - At Køge Business College

Marianne - presenting activities from Nr Herts College

Georgina and Shauna providing feedback

Partners & Learners

Marianne with Georgina and Shauna at the Gala Dinner

Cultural Tour of Copenhagen

Tour of Town Hall                                                              Canal Tour                                                    New Opera House in Copenhagen


  Vallø Castle                                                     Our Saviour's Church (300yr old Baroque)                                  Little Mermaid