Aim / Objectives

The aim of the program is to implement Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory in adult education and specifically in parents’ education for the benefit of their children. 


The objectives of this partnership are to: 

  • find innovative ways to engage parents in their children’s education from an early age
  • develop and complete a survey to identify to what extent parents are aware of Howard Gardner's MI Theory
  • provide a variety of activities and methodologies which will assist parents to discover and nurture the intelligences of their children
  • take advantage of exchanging experience and sharing ideas through partnership activities
    • 12 mobilities (visits by UK team including learners) to be undertaken by learners/staff from Nr Herts College during the 2 year programme
  • research, develop and produce an educational package - 'MI in Parents' Education - for the benefit of children'.

Summary for mobilities for all our Partners:


 All partners to participate in Mobilities (visits to partner countries by staff and learners):